Rick Astley: An Oldie, but still a Goodie!!

So… Everyone knows, Never Gonna Give You Up, the only song that is well known that represents Rick Astley. But an artist is more than just one song- as Rick Astley released many great records, which land him as a well-known in the United Kingdom. Rick has been a huge influence in pop-culture ever since the acclaimed single was released in 1987. In 2002, when he released his Greatest Hits album, a new generation got to know Rick Astley and how his music influences. Last year, he released his latest album 50. Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of viewing him in person at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on his US Tour. That night was way better than I expected –as I thought he was going to do Never Gonna Give You Up for about an hour and a half.

The opener was an upcoming singer-songwriter, by the name of Harrison Kipner. He played a lot of great music that talked about love, and how his girlfriend (of a year) Rebecca cheated on him –and the whole crowd booed her (she wasn’t at the Electric Factory). Rick thanked him during the night for being a great opening act.

Rick through the whole night did a phenomenal choice of music. His set included songs from 50, Whenever You Need Somebody, and a lot of other songs from his numerous albums. Included in his set, which I enjoyed very much, were his covers of Uptown Funk, the Foo Fighters, and a mashup including We Found Love in a Hopeless Place by Rihanna. I had fun at Rick Astley’s concert and definitely enjoyed it.


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