Hardwell’s “LEGENDARY” EP

You could say that Hardwell is one of the best DJs in the world. But why really is he one of the best DJs. For me personally, I would say because of his sets and his music. When he performs his sets, he is always keeping the energy up and buzzing the crowd with great music. Every set Hardwell does, he always keeps the crowd in it, which in turn gives the crowd the euphoria and “feel good” vibes. Posted below is his liveset from Ultra Europe from this past July.

When Hardwell isn’t performing events, he tries to make time in the studio. In the studio, he creates new music in which he will use in his sets to keep the crowd jumping. In his Ultra set from Croatia, there are a few IDs (unreleased tracks). Posted here is the link to the tracklist in which you can find the IDs. But in the studio, Hardwell tries to create new music to keep the crowd jumping and in the euphoric state of mind. Once Hardwell has been playing IDs in his gigs and feels like its time to release the track, he releases it. (Hardwell’s studio reasoning can be shown in the video below).

This week, Hardwell felt like it was ready to release 5 tracks in his Hardwell and Friends EP (Vol. 1). This EP contains tracks that Hardwell used in his sets and that his fans have been waiting to have on their devices. Below, I will give you a little saying about the tracks and for me (being a Hardwell fan, and a fan of EDM music) how they are useful in my daily sets. The first video is the story version (from Hardwell’s perspective) regarding the track; and the video below it is the official video from the Revealed Recordings YouTube page.


This track is one that I have been waiting for since Ultra Europe last year. Here is the liveset from Ultra Europe 2016 where first Hardwell premiered the track (as an instrumental); then he played it in 2017 during his Ultra Miami liveset (premiering Jonathan Mendelsohn’s vocals). Ever since these two versions were played at the biggest music festivals in the world; it was only a “matter of time” until this banger would get released. This track, from Jonathan’s vocals to the killer and euphoric drop bring excitement and has everyone jumping when the song comes on. This banger gives the crowd a burst of euphoria and excitement that keeps the set at the high-energy excitement.


This track is something special to me. Ever since Hardwell premiered the instrumental at Ultra Miami in 2016, I’ve always wanted this track in my library to play and just because this track contains a lot of energy, and euphoria. Alexander Tidebrink brings a great style to the vocals, which enhances the song to a whole another level. The whole final project is a track that enhances any set for a DJ.

Prior to releasing the official version with Alexander Tidebrink, there was a “leaked version” with the vocals of Jolin Tsai –a singer from Taiwan. According to Hardwell, the “leaked version” wasn’t a leak; it was a version that was just available for the Asian market. With different social media platforms out there, there are videos of Jolin Tai’s version out there.

But regardless of which version you prefer (Jolin or Alexander), the song is very exciting and energetic; and will light up every DJ set that it is played in. Hardwell also released the instrumental version for the DJ to mashup with.


This track, first premiered at Ultra Miami 2017, is something different than the Progressive/Electro House that I am used to with their first collaboration Calavera. Police (We Ain’t Ready) brings the together a different style of music that can be used in my sets. This track gives Hardwell’s fans a different style of music that still contains the Hardwell and Kura energy. For me as DJ Thrill, using this track will give the crowd a different feel at the event. Also to add, Anthony B’s classic Police was the inspiration for the track, and was a good starting point for the release.


Ever since Hardwell first played this track at his last I AM HARDWELL: UNITED WE ARE world tour in Germany, this song has been buzzing on YouTube and through social media as one of Hardwell’s Top IDs of 2016.

With this track, there is a story of speculation and surprise behind it. Hardwell releasing Wake Up Call earlier in the year (2016) was something different (Wake Up Call the next song in the Germany video). Wake Up Call was a progressive into hardstyle track, and Hardwell isn’t known for his hardstyle sound; so there was a lot of speculation regarding a ghost production or an unknown collaboration. With Wake Up Call, all of Hardwell’s fans though it was a unknown collaboraton or a ghost production with Atmozfears; and everyone then wanted a collaboration with Atmozfears. Throughout the whole year of 2016, there was rumors that there was going to be an official Atmozfears and Hardwell collaboration; while everyone was realizing the fact that Wake Up Call was 100% HARDWELL!!! Once Hardwell premiered the collaboration with Atmozfears in Germany, everyone was waiting for the release. And now it is RELEASED!!!


The final track of the first Volume of the EP isn’t one to be forgotten. This track is one that has been buzzing since Hardwell’s Ultra Miami Liveset (shown below). From the anxious feeling break, to the pulsating drop, this is one record that will “smash” the crowd into a frenzy; as at Ultra Miami, Smash The Beat is mashed up with Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child. This track had a festival-feel that it was only right to premiere it at Ultra Miami. After the premiere –me personally included– everyone wanted the track because it was so perfect for those party vibes that would bring a party to its feet. Now that it is released, the wait is over.


Hardwell & Friends Vol.1 is a phenomenal EP with great music. According to an interview at Ultra Singapore (shown below), there is going to be a Volume 2 out soon.


Again, I will give you an review regarding those tracks. If you want some more technical information about the tracks- there is more info in the comments section of the YouTube videos and on an article from Billboard Dance. Personally, I can’t wait for Volume 2.

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