Hardwell’s “LEGENDARY” EP (part 2)

After the great support from Hardwell and Friends EP Vol.1, Hardwell decided to release 5 more tracks in the “& Friends EP” Vol.2. As premiered last week on his radio show, Hardwell on Air (shown below) he gives the official premiere and exclusive preview of all five tracks.

*Skip to 8:33 for the EP; but hear in the beginning how he is appreciated by the support on Vol.1*

This second EP –for me– is showcasing more of Hardwell’s versatility as a producer and more flavors that he plays in his DJ sets. Hardwell always is in the studio creating tracks with his friends from all around the globe and now it’s time to keep those releases coming. These 5 tracks are so good that I am pumped that they are released.


Hardwell is always trying to keep the sets on point with the high energy and the great music. Badam adds a flavor that keeps the crowd interested. Instead of playing all progressive house bangers, Badam  adds a reggae-influence “dancehall style” to Hardwell’s sets and keeps the crowd involved by getting those in the pit dancing. Here is the link to the premiere of this track at Ultra Miami 2017. As you can see in the crowd (and most definitely in Hardwell) the crowd is dancing and shaking their “bottoms.” Posted under the Facebook story version, is the official music video that Hardwell would play on the video boards in his livesets (who doesn’t like dancing and twerking pets *laughing emoji*). Mr. Vegas adds a great vocal that keeps the beat (that’s provided by Hardwell and Henry Fong) going and is sure to keep the crowd involved.


This track is one that was never “tested out” at any of the major music festivals, so I completely had no idea that this track was out there. According to Hardwell (in the story video), this was suppose to be a mashup, with Kill the Buzz and the vocal by Max Collins; but once Hardwell came with the top-line for the vocal, it instantly became a collaboration. This track has a great progressive euphoric beat that is sure to keep the crowd energetic and dancing.


The third track is a phenomenal track that I have been waiting for –for a long time to use in my sets. As you can hear, the vocals add meaningful lyrics and top-line that takes the song “sky high.” As the anticipation of the drop comes, the drums just bring the energy to peak level; as you can see in the video from the concert, everyone is excited about the drop and just goes insane when the drops happens. The whole track together is a melodic and progressive track that will be used in a lot of sets. I personally may use this song in my sets, so be ready to hear this melodic banger. Haris is a wonderful singer-songwriter that always performs to the best when he collaborates with Hardwell. Hardwell even decided to drop the instrumental version, just because the instrumentals are so melodic and nice that DJs can mashup with this melody.


First premiered at Ultra Miami this year, Powermove is a track that brings the progressive house flavor (provided by Hardwell) and the trap/ future bass styles –of Moksi – to form a banger that will get the crowd on their feet. Since the first listen at Ultra Miami, Hardwell (and Moksi) fans have been dying to have this one released, just because the style of the song combines two of the leading EDM sub-genres into one banger. The build up is a mostly progressive climb to the drop. Then once the drop hits, it becomes a future bass beat mixed with a progressive kick; and 8-bars into it, switches to a an almost trap sound. The whole song takes the crowd on a thrill ride of powerful music and good beats. This song is definitely one to be played a lot!!!


What the PHUNK is Hardwell up to? This is his tenth track released in two months; and all 10 tracks have been amazing. This one is no exception –even though it is hardstyle. From the first time played at Ultra Miami this spring this track has never left Hardwell’s setlist, as this song would be played in nearly EVERY SET that Hardwell played this year (Ultra Liveset is down below –mashed up with DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win).

As a producer, Hardwell always haves ideas and tries producing different genres (and not limiting to progressive house).  Hardwell has always have wanted to do hardstyle –because he grew up with that music. Ever since Wake Up Call being released in 2016, Hardwell has been associated with 5 hardstyle remixes (Dr Phunk remixes of Hardwell tracks Apollo, Run Wild, Young Again and Nothing Can Hold Us Down and the Hardwell and Sphyex Remix of Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers); and a collaboration with Atmozfears. Oh…I can’t forget to mention that there is also a Hardwell hardstyle single, Make the World Ours. This track is one that I have been waiting for, just because the melody that Hardwell brings and the drums that Dr Phunk bring collide for a hard-kicking track. I am ready to go party HARD and WELL with this track!!!


Hardwell & Friends Vol.2 is an amazing sequel to the Hardwell & Friends EP. According to an interview at Ohrid Calling (down below), there is a third EP coming out!!! Also listed in the interview, Hardwell discusses his EPs and the different genres that he produced in with his friends.

With regards to all of these EPs (Volumes 1 & 2), the tracks on Volumes 1 and 2 were either played in Hardwell’s sets last year, or at Ultra Miami this year. Hardwell had a whole new bunch of IDs in his Ultra Europe set in July. Maybe those tracks will be a part of Volume 3. That’s my speculation, but we will see.In his Ultra Europe set, he premiered new IDs with some of the best EDM producers – including Afrojack, KSHMR, and (my personal favorite ID from the set) the Sick Individuals. So keep your eyes out for the collaboration with those three producers.

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