Made in ‘Merica 2017: Day 1

Made in America 2017 had one of the best starts ever –personally in my opinion– yesterday. I was there to see Migos and Cash Cash yesterday. And both sets were amazing and it blew my mind away. Even though, it was raining all day – it didn’t even bother me honestly.

Migos –one of the top rap groups in 2017– was getting the crowd involved from the very start, and everyone was “going off” to their songs. Migos played a lot of different songs, including “Hannah Montana,” and some Migos throwbacks (for their fans since “Day 1.”). Migos also included some songs of the Culture album released at the beginning of the year. Everyone, including me was going off during that set, and I was very happy about the entire set. Migos didn’t disappoint Philly, and didn’t skip a beat.

Later that night, Cash Cash – one of more known EDM artists –took over Philly to close out the night and no doubt about it, they were FREAKING PHENOMENAL. From the intro, Cash Cash had the crowd ready to rock and roll. They took the crowd on a journey which was so euphoric, and –to be honest, I even forgot that I was still at the festival. Each song had it’s own flow in the set, and I was even singing along to some of the songs that I knew. Some of their hit songs are Untouchable (with Tritonal), Millionare (with Nelly), and Take Me Home. The whole set was amazing (even including a Wonderwall acoustic mashup), I was jumping for the majority of the set.

Day 1 was amazing music wise, and I also ran into some friends from St. Joseph’s University (who jokingly wanted me to perform as DJ Thrill), but it was fun seeing people I knew and partying with them. I can’t wait to see what happens Day 2 with Marshmello, the Chainsmokers and Jay-Z.

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