Made in ‘Merica 2017: Day 2

After day 1 of Made in America 2017, I was extremely ready and excited for day 2. Headlining Sunday was 21 Savage, the Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and Jay-Z.

21 Savage –a rapper from Atlanta– got the crowd going from the beginning of the afternoon. His set was so amazing, and I had a lot of fun at 21 Savage. After Savage, was the Chainsmokers. I was waiting to see the Chainsmokers but couldn’t get in enough to see them (because it was already crowded. The Chainsmokers played a lot of their pop-hits and really didn’t play a lot of their EDM tracks. But with every act there, they always keep the crowd in it. I could hear people at Rocky Stage (main stage) singing the tracks while the crowd was going off.

After leaving the back of the Rocky Stage, I was able to get “primetime” spots for one of the top-tier EDM DJs out there. Marshmello is one of the best in the scene right now. After releasing his new single with 2017-superstar rapper Khalid, he had a full crowd ready to rock; some hardcore Marshmello fans, and some Khalid fans (hoping Khalid would come out, since he toured with Marshmello for the whole week prior). And if I would say, Khalid did come out and performed Young, Dumb and Broke and his single Silence with Marshmello. From the very intro of the set, Marshmello took the crowd on a ride that had everyone (including me) jumping and enjoying life. By the end of the set, I was in a euphoric state and totally forgot the fact that I was still there.

After the amazing Marshmello set, Jay-Z closed out the festival. Considering he’s the one that picks that artists, “Why not pick yourself?” But regardless of that fact, Jay-Z had an amazing set. From playing the favorites, to his new album 4:44 he showcased everything he had. Even though I left early (because I was exhausted), he did his Encore/ Numb single in tribute to Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s main singer who passed away in July.

But in total, the festival was amazing and a fun experience. I can’t wait to see what brings next year for M.I.A.!!!


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