Three Times the Charm: Hardwell & Friends Volume 3

After the great success from Hardwell and Friends EP Vols. 1&2, Hardwell decided to make some more diverse tracks with more of his friends in the DJing community. Hardwell and Friends EP Vol. 3 is by far the most diverse and honestly my favorite of the three EPs. We Are Legends (Kaaze, Hardwell, and Jonathan Mendelson) from Volume 1, and Badam (Henry Fong, Mr. Vegas and Hardwell) from Volume 2 are killer tracks that I play in my sets, but I gotta say that Volume 3 has a fire that won’t be able to be extinguished. On HOA350 (Hardwell’s daily podcast), he premiered all 5 tracks from this killer EP, and now that they are released, I cannot wait to see how the reaction around the world goes.


Hardwell has always had a love for the hardstyle genre; from having Dr. Phunk on Revealed Recordings (as a hardstyle artist) to creating a few tracks himself (Wake Up Call, and Make the World Ours). Hardwell decided to team up with a well-known EDM artists and psytrance artist Timmy Trumpet. These two collided in the studio for a massive release. Hardwell premiered this at Ultra Europe last year as an ID, but now it is out in its full release. This track puts the HARD in both Hardwell and Hardstyle.


After releasing Baldadig in 2016, releasing massive remixes (MØ’s Final Song, Taku-Hero & Funk Machine’s Fun Lovin –on Revealed, Major Lazer’s Light It Up just to name a few), and releasing more volumes of his Go Harder EP, Hardwell though it was time to get back in the studio with his Dutch brother. This track, first played at his Guestlist4Good’s World’s Biggest Guestlist 2017 came as a surprise to me. I knew the track had the Quintino flavor but was excited to hear that it was a collaboration with Hardwell. This track brings the club dance floor vibe that is sure to get the people going on the dance floor. The latin vibes and the hard drop give it a nice texture that will get people going whenever its played.


This track has gotta be my favorite of the whole EP. Ever since Hardwell premiered this banger at Ultra Europe last summer, I’ve been waiting to have this track in my setlist. The drop has that Hardwell and Sick Individuals big-room sound that always gets people going. For me, every single time I listened to the Ultra Europe version of the track, I got goosebumps about the drop and how thrilling it would be to either be in the crowd, or the DJ. But during his World’s Biggest Guestlist set in India, Hardwell played the final version (including the verse –not heard in the Ultra Europe version– as in Europe, it was mashed up with J Balvin and Willy William’s banger Mi Gente). The verse is –in my opinion– one of the best EDM verses of all time, because it slows the tempo of the song down to a booty shaking groove. But then the song speeds up into the climatic second drop and the crowd goes nuts over it. This song has everything that I would want in a killer EDM track that would wreck sets apart. (The checklist, would be a killer drop, a nice verse, climatic build-up and then a EVEN MORE KILLER SECOND DROP!!!)


This track was BAP BAP BAPing into the ears of Hardwell’s fans since its first play in India. This song has the melodic and energetic dance floor festival vibe that a lot of Hardwell’s tracks has, and has the catchiness of the BAP BAP BAP. In 2017, a rapper BIG SHAQ released a rap entitled Man’s Not Hot. Big Shaq’s track became a killer meme (for my older followers, its known as a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied –often with slight variations– and spread rapidly by Internet users). What does Big Shaq, Hardwell and Jewlez and Sparks have in common?

Jewelz and Sparks were so happy about the video that they asked on Twitter who created this masterpiece. And because of the catchiness of those three words, everyone is memeing and re-naming the track “BAP BAP BAP,” even though the official title is Safari.

On a more serious EDM note, this track has a construction fusion and driving percussions that are sure to penetrate the many spectrums of the EDM dance floor (clubs, festivals). This track is going to be a killer vibe in whatever set it’s gonna be played in.


What is is with these Dr. Phunk and Hardwell collaborations? These collaborative tracks are very energetic and are definite dance floor bangers. After Here Once Again, they combine for another hardstyle banger. This track premiered at Ultra Europe last year as an ID, and everyone assumed that it was another collab with the Dutch DJ Doctor. But no one knew it would contain a degree of electronic awesomeness. I’m literally saying to myself “Holy Sh#t, this track has got everything in it.” The vocal by Jantine adds another element that is out of this world, and that would keep the crowd engaged and wanting more. The build-up into the first drop gives it an EDM feel (128bpm), but into the second drop– the build-up is at hardstyle pace (150bpm), which gives more eruption once the drop comes.

Hardwell & Friends Vol.3 is a THRILLING TRILOGY to the Hardwell and Friends EP. This EP is so amazing that I am just speechless. Let’s see what happens next to the Dutch DJ phenom.

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