Philly: The Best City to Party in the East Coast?

Philadelphia is known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” and is also known for its night life activities. There are plenty of bars in and around Center City so people could have a good time. I actually DJ-ed at Sona Pub and Kitchen last year –and it was a fun gig. Everyone was having a fun time that night, and it was seriously one of the best shows of my DJ career. Also in Philly –other than bars– there are many clubs, and live-event venues where there is live entertainment to have a fun time.

Over the past few months I have attended three major live-venues in Philly and have had so much fun at all of them. These venues are mostly in Center City but are an easy 15-minute ride from West Philly. I saw Zedd at the Electric Factory, W&W at District N9ne, and –just recently– Steve Aoki at the Fillmore; and will be reviewing all of these venues/concerts in this post.


On the 20th of October in 2017, I had the great pleasure of seeing Zedd at the Electric Factory. Regarding Zedd, he had a phenomenal 2017 with his record with Alessia Cara, Stay  was one of the most played tracks of the year. Not only on the dance scene, but also in the pop scene. Zedd has that crossover flavor that appeals to both the main EDM listener but can also get plays on the radio!!! The concert was so much fun, and the venue played a major part of that. The Electric Factory, conveniently placed in the heart of inner Center City is one big area where people could dance. For a Rick Astley concert that I attended in February 2017, there were tables, chairs, and a back bleachers –but for usual EDM concerts, it’s just standing room. The big venue allows for sound to be rebounded and more amplified to enhance the atmosphere. It the end, it was seen that everyone –including my friends and I had a fun time!


The first concert review of 2018 goes to Dutch DJ-duo W&W. They totally ripped District N9ne from the top to the bottom!!! After a killer 2017, releasing tracks under their name W&W –and their very new trance alias, NWYR– the duo Wardt van der Harst and Willem Van Hanegem are ready to take 2018 by storm, being bigger and better than 2017. The concert was wildly insane, as these guys knew how to take over a nightclub. District N9ne is a nightclub that also does concerts for the biggest DJs in the world. For a nightclub –different than a concert venue, the artists are intimately close to the people in the crowd. My friend and I were actually in the first row –which was a total plus– and we very close to the duo. The small venue allows for a more intimate set with better interaction between the artist and crowd. The small venue also allows for the sound to be “in your face.” This was one of the best nights as an EDM fan, and totally would recommend going to District N9ne if your favorite artists are going there.



This past Sunday, Steve Aoki was at The Fillmore. Aoki is currently one of the Top 10 DJs in the world (currently #9), and just released his new Kolony album. He invited many special guests to his show in Philly, including Grandtheft and Desiigner. This venue is very loud, which puts you intimate to the artists –even if you are even in the back. This venue is very large, and similar to the Electric Factory, is spacious for “standing room only.” Just like the Electric Factory –as I forgot to mention in the beginning–  both have a second observers deck for “21+” guests. As for Aoki’s set, it was one of a kind. He played a lot from his album and even played a lot of new music. Two Aoki tracks to be on the lookout for are “Mayhem” –a collaboration with Dutch DJ Quintino– and a unnamed track with –my favorite DJ– Hardwell. Aoki’s set was phenomenal because he had everything to keep the night going. He even did his signature “cake throw” into the crowd!!!


Overall, Philly’s nightlife is a phenomenal scene that sometimes gets overlooked by people. A lot of the biggest music acts try to visit Philly. People should always be on the lookout for when they are coming close, and should experience the Philly nightlife. Another nightclub that is in Philly that people go to is N.O.T.O. As, I personally haven’t been there yet, I cannot give my perspectives, but I will give my review when I go there. Overall, Philly’s nightlife is a 10/10 rating in my book!!!

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