Will “the THRILL” Russell- as known by his stage name “THRILL” is a 23 year-old upcoming DJ/Producer hailing from the Jersey Shore. Growing up on the New Jersey beaches, THRILL has listened to many genres of music, ranging from pop to the plethora of sub-genres within electronic dance music (more commonly known as “EDM”).

From his early bedroom DJ days in 2013, THRILL had aspirations of bringing energy and excitement through his sets, where the music would set the perfect vibes for any setting. Once he started having shows and events, he was able to prove the energy that he could bring to the various crowds during his sets.

THRILL can handle various types of crowds on a given night. He has played background music during on-campus school events at his alma maters Saint Jospeh’s University, and Donovan Catholic High School; has been a hit nearly every weekend night at JD McGillicuddy’s in Manayunk and has opened for some of the biggest EDM artists at one of Philadelphia’s biggest nightclubs – NOTO Philadelphia. When he isn’t DJing at NOTO, he’s having the best times in the crowd as a patron; and listens to the music and enjoys the vibes set by other young talent DJs.

THRILL is sure to set a great vibe for an amazing night of music no matter what the function is, so keep on this website for the newest information regarding THRILL.