The Humble Beginning of “Thrill”

From the days of his youth to 2013, William Russell would always be the kid in the middle of the dance cirlce just danceing the night away (to EDM-pop tracks – such as “Little Bad Girl” by David Guetta, and “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris). It was during the 2013 Homecoming Dance at Donovan that Will was thinking about the “vibes.” He was wondering “What if I took the vibes and the engery from the dance floor and was able to bring them from the booth to the whole dancefloor?” That whole question interested him in the realm of DJing. After the dance he spoke with his freind Jonathan Hyland and asked him how he should get started in the business. Firstly, he needed equipment. His first DJ controller was the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2. After that, he strated mixing records in the bedroom, but after practicing his sophmore year he felt he was ready to start doing it live. The first ever gig he had was during junior year of high school. The gig was for the Donovan Catholic Performing Arts banquet, it was a fun night playing music and enjoying the banquet. Will mostly played background music for the night (songs from the many musicals that were done during the year). As for his senior year at Donovan, DJ Thrill started to get noticed by the students and faculty at Donovan. The three gigs that year consisted of were 1) a pre-party for the football team – against arch rivals Toms River South, 2) a breakfeast cookout for the Class of 2016 -near the end of the year, and 3) the annual Performing Arts Banquet. DJ Thrill was happy that he was establishing a basis in New Jersey, and was excited and full of high hopes for what was to come in Philadelphia during the upcoming years.


The Rise at Hawk Hill

Once he stepped onto campus at Saint Joseph’s University, DJ Thrill felt that he could make a nest of his own. Early in the Fall 2016 semster – just being on campus for a few weeks as a freshman – he blew away the managers of Radio 1851 as he showed them his mixer and how he DJed. DJ Thrill started to use Radio 1851 as the¬†primere platform to mix the latest and newest EDM tracks.

In the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester, he started getting recognition on campus. In March, Thrill formed a partnership with the department of Residence Life to play outside during the warm months, while people would just chill and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Pop Up Parks because a great attraction for people that semester because it was a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather. People brough out Kan Jam, footballs, Spikeball, homework and decided to do activities outside rather than just staying indoors. People were quick to spread the word of DJ Thrill that semester and he became a household name on campus. He got into contact with fellow-classmate DJ JulezP during the year. JulezP is a DJ from Boston and also attends SJU. JulezP and Thrill began discussing DJ techniques and gave each other advice and tips to help each other grow bigger in the DJing scene. The Spring 2017 semster was a big step for Thrill and he was only looking upward regarding his career.


Fall 2017: The Beginning of the Breakthrough

That following summer, he started focusing on marketing and branding himself; his social media platforms are new but they are upcoming. DJ Thrill made a lot of noise in Philadelphia during the Fall 2017 Semster. He started getting paid for his DJ events, and had a semster high 6 events. Thrill started working on producing music, as a collaboration with JulezP is set to release in early 2018, but is unconfirmed. Also regarding production, DJ Thrill has released a Hawk Hill Edit of Silence with JulezP, shown below.

DJ Thrill is still making noise on Radio 1851, but is starting to make connection via his Radio 1851 radio show and becoming one of the campus’s top DJs. DJ Thrill has so much potential to rise as an upcoming DJ and a newcoming producer. DJ Thrill is excited to see what is to come in 2018.